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Plastic Seat Transfer Beaches

$122.38 $199.99

Featuring a comfortable cushioned seat and sturdy backrest, this lightweight aluminum transfer bench..

$121.37 $269.90

This versatile product from Drive Medical combines a transfer bench and a commode into one. Its comf..

$88.02 $149.90

This plastic transfer bench by Drive Medical accommodates any bathroom because of its reversible ben..

$123.83 $189.67

This combination plastic transfer bench by Drive Medical combines two products in one: a durable and..

$129.20 $253.50

This heavy duty plastic transfer bench by Drive Medical is built extra strong, capable of withstandi..

$110.06 $207.59

Getting into and out of the tub can be quite a challenge if you suffer from poor balance, arthritis,..

$170.14 $269.00

The new Folding Universal Sliding Transfer Bench from Drive Medical offers your customers an easy wa..

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