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Power Scooter Accessories

The Power Scooter Armrest Bag is convenient bag that fits right over your power scooter or wheelchair's armrest. The top of the bag provides additional padding where your arm would rest, making it feel like nothing is there. This four-pocket Power Scooter Armrest Bag is made of a durable, easy-to-cl..
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Drive Medical SF8020 Scooter Basket
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This Scooter Basket by Drive Medical is incredibly easy to install and convenient to use. This basket allows individuals to transport their personal items and can be attached to the back of the scooter. It is for use with all Drive Medical scooters and most manufacturers scooters.Features and Benefi..
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Drive Medical SF8050 Power Scooter Sun Shade Drive Medical SF8050 Power Scooter Sun Shade
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With the Power Scooter Sun Shade, you don't have to worry about harsh sunburn or shading your eyes. This sun shade, which fits most Drive Medical Standard to Full Size scooters, will keep you cool in the summer reducing the risk of heat exhaustion. The Drive Medical Sun Shade provides a durable cove..
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